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What We Do

Vialytix was founded by a group of simulation training professionals to deliver software to exploit data, automation and insights for government and industry in mission critical areas.

Using their decades of combined experience from serving in and working closely with the military, Vialytix founders are acutely aware of the importance of reliable data to support timely insights.

Together, Vialytix has created a specialized software program – APEX – that delivers advanced analytics capabilities for front line users, commanders and senior decision makers.

The Vialytix team continues to develop and refine their products and services, supporting the warfighter and first responder wherever it is required.

Who We Serve

Vialytix provides data management software and services to government, military, and law enforcement agencies. Vialytix also partners with industry primes and SMEs to support these users on larger integrated programs.

Vialytix has pioneered an open approach to software development, which provides greater potential for collaboration across government, industry and academia. This has allowed Vialytix to maintain a broad reach across organizations, ranging across training, operations, and intelligence services.


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