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Real World Examples


VirTra, Inc.

Apex has improved the use of our training data, by providing an efficient way to store and analyze data from our simulators.

Instructors and trainees using our V-Marksmanship program can access number of shots fired with exact positions and timings. This provides a simple way for our military and law enforcement clients to monitor performance and ensure they are meeting training goals. Real-time analytics are provided at the end of each training serial, as well as long term trends which can be used by commanders to approach whole force training in a proactive manner.


United Kingdom Ministry of Defense

Apex is used across several collective training exercises, which involve joint forces across multiple domains. The software delivers near instant After-Action Reviews (AAR) with map overlays and DIS replay within a 3D environment. Visual analysis is provided in real time, automatically from training data which tracks training objectives completed, partially completed, or not completed. We can then drill down into the data to understand the detailed measures, which in turn provides information on where the units can improve on their tactics, techniques, and procedures.

The British Army utilizes the data analytics module across multiple levels of their collective training exercises. The performance of teams and individuals can be tracked against predefined metrics, identifying areas for improvement or additional training. Units can compare themselves against a benchmark of other units that did the same task. The important factor is the capture of exercise data within its context, allowing for powerful predictive analytics to be used in the future.


Defense Systems Integrator

Our customers are increasingly interested not only in the ability for our simulation systems to accurately represent systems and effects to train operators, but also to collect data for use as part of the training evaluation and assessment cycle.

Apex allows us to better understand how our systems are used in the field, providing evidence for where the systems could be enhanced, or new features added. Our customers are also able to take advantage or the real time analytics and automatic reporting, which in turn streamlines their training operations.

With the rise of COTS training software and systems, being able to seamlessly integrate a product like Apex provides an important differentiator for us against our competition, as well as help our customers get better returns on their investment in training systems.

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