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Collect, evaluate, analyze and report.

Then gain actionable insights from your training data.

APEX Accelerates your Training Effectiveness.

APEX is a web-based platform that helps organizations collect, evaluate, analyze and report their training data through secure and consistent processes. These processes operate on real-time, ensuring workflows and training sessions are maximized for effectiveness.

This cloud-based, data-driven software’s purpose is to assist teams in gaining insight on their performance and using that insight to consistently improve.

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Collect Your Data

Automated Collection and Data Import

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APEX maximizes an organization’s capability by automating the collection of data across the training network in real-time. This is enabled through an open API, which allows plugins to be developed that connect APEX to new and legacy systems, minimizing the need for manual data entries or import.

APEX can capture user observations, comments, and notes directly through a web interface, allowing users to input this data on any device, whether on the move or in a fixed location.

APEX is highly scalable, allowing input from multiple data sources, as well as supporting  the development of custom plugins that can be extended to support new network protocols.

APEX automatically captures data and compares it against a standard - drawing data from live, virtual, and constructive systems.

Mentors can quickly and easily evaluate individual and team performance, while providing observations where elements can improve. This minimizes the delays experienced with manual systems that cannot be updated live, or where exercise managers are required to spend time gathering feedback.

Users have the capability to create, test, and publish evaluation criteria in a web-based online editor. APEX provides an intuitive interface that allows users to test their custom evaluation criteria with already existing data sets before deployment on a live exercise.

Evaluate Your Training

Automate Scoring and Evaluations

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Analyze Your Results

Explore Data Trends and Insights

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APEX collects and stores your data in a form that is analytics friendly, and ready for users to explore.

Users can generate test data, start with pre-built queries, and then share these data insights with their teams. APEX also gives users the option to build custom queries to analyze the data in more complex ways.

Information is provided immediately for rapid, on-the-spot feedback and remedial training.

By identifying trends and patterns across their metrics, users can better predict future performance or anticipate problems before they occur.

APEX integrates all the components from your training – collection, evaluation, and analysis – and turns them into an easy to digest, user-friendly report with data visualizations, charts, and graphs.

These reports are easily shared across teams along with the interactive dashboards. Dashboards help users quickly find their areas for improvement and see each level of their data to understand the big picture, and can be used to provide real-time updates to teams during an exercise.

Users also can create custom reports and dashboards using the visual report builder. This option saves time and resources. In addition, this ensures reporting formats are standardized to ensure users are comparing data in the correct way.

Report Your Analytics

Conduct Deep Dives and Automate Reporting

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APEX Plug-ins

APEX has been developed with an open API that supports the development of modular plug-ins that integrate with third-party software.

Users can leverage a collection of APEX Plug-ins that integrate seamlessly with APEX software to deliver specific functionalities. They can share data across disparate systems or provide niche functionality not provided by the core APEX software.

This approach is useful where users have unique IP or data that needs to be kept separate from the core APEX platform.

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Asset Management

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Exercise Management





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